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Advice for safe and smart travel in the EU - 29/07/2013


If you are holidaying in another EU country this summer, here are some tips for a hassle-free trip.

While travelling in Europe has never been easier – with EU rules on crossing borders, medical treatment, pets, roaming charges and passenger rights – there are still some things to remember if you're planning on travelling abroad in the EU this summer.

Take your ID card or passport – even if you are travelling between countries inside the EU’s border-free area, it’s still a good idea to carry these documents in case you need to prove your identity for some reason.

Remember your free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Contact your local health provider for information on how to get one. If you or a family member falls ill while in the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, the card will ensure easy access to public healthcare and medical services.

Be aware that services costing nothing at home might not be free in another country. Download the free EHIC app to help you contact help services in the country you are visiting.

Get a pet passport – If you travel with your cats, dogs or ferrets, you will need proof that your pet has had its rabies vaccination. Ireland, the UK, Finland, Malta and Sweden have additional requirements so check thenational rules before travelling. National rules also apply for other animals.

Contact your mobile phone operator to check your data-roaming charges if you plan to use your phone a lot, especially for web and e-mail. You can set a specific limit; otherwise a default limit of €50 per month is applied.

Check the Eurotariffs offered by operators in all 28 EU countries. Costs for sending text messages or using data services can also be compared.

In case of emergency dial 112 – Call this number to contact the emergency services in any EU country from any phone, free of charge. Operators speak avariety of languages, depending on the country.

Know your passenger rights – whether travelling by rail, air, bus or ship in the EU, if you experience delays, cancellations or have special mobility needs, find out your rights. A mobile app on passenger rights is free to download.

Any other questions? Contact the Commission’s information service, Europe Direct to find out more on what the EU can do for you. Queries are handled in all official EU languages.


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