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Ellie Ian

2024-07-15 21:03:56

I am Ellie Ian. I am from Alaska, USA. There is something I want to share with you because I want you to find your helper. I am now a mother of twin girls. I did it with spell casting. I met a man named Doctor Odunga about my condition of how my husband had been maltreating me for more than 7 years since we got married because I was unable to get pregnant for him. But it wasn't entirely my fault because the doctors told me that he had low sperm count and would not be able to father a child and various tests were run on him. With efforts from the doctors, my husband was not able to get me pregnant but would always blame me for it that I was infertile. I read about Doctor Odunga work who is a spiritual man and he assured me that he will help me. I really don't know how he did it and although i have never met this man before, i gave him his chance to try and ever since my marriage has been smooth. It happened on one faithful night after my husband and I had sex. Three days later, I had a severe headache and went to the hospital and the Doctor confirmed that I was carrying a semen in me. After 2 weeks, I went back to the hospital and I was exactly 2 weeks pregnant. I was thinking about Doctor Odunga at this moment that he had helped me with my wishes. Weeks turned into months and my pregnancy became visible. My husband became very caring towards me and treated me with great levity that I even liked to misbehave but playfully. I gave birth to two girls, twins, and I am very thankful to Doctor Odunga. Thank you for reading my story and if you want to contact Doctor Odunga his email is


2024-07-15 21:03:38

This is a true life experience with Doctor Odunga who helped me save my marriage from jeopardy. My name is Kimberly Dillimore and I am from US A. I and my husband have been married for over 6 years. We didn't have any children. My husband was not happy with this because we have tried for many years now to have a child that we thought of adopting but the idea wasn't the best for us. So I resorted to the search for spell casters. I contacted 2 different spell casters and I never got my desire nor my solution. My time, effort and energy became a wasted issue on it but months later, I met Doctor Odunga through a testimony written by a woman named Clara about how Doctor Odunga helped her get her ex husband back to her and I decided to give this man a try to see what comes out of it. After meeting with him, I explained everything to him and he told me not to worry. I am very happy to say that within a week of contact, I conceived and became pregnant. Before my contact with Doctor Odunga, my husband has been against anything I do but now he is very happy with me and takes care of me. Please contact and meet Doctor Odunga if you are passing through any difficulty in life at

Sandy Mark

2024-07-15 21:03:22

I am Sandy Mark and I live in Cromwell Ave, USA. My write up is about this great spell caster who got me pregnant with my second child. I have a daughter of 22 and ever since i just gave birth the second time to a baby boy but with the help of a spell caster. I was just online as you are now searching for the right spell caster to contact and I met a testimony of a woman who contacted Doctor Odunga and got help with her fertility and I contacted him also to help me give birth to a baby boy. I explained everything to him and he told me he will help me, which I believed with great faith. This man is good with his work and his time frame is what he says it is. People have written testimonies about this great man and I am happy that this man is known to the world as the best spell caster. I say that within 3 days, I conceived last year and now I have given birth to my baby boy. I am happy to put his link to meet him on this website. His email is

Becky Elis

2024-07-15 21:03:01

Do not contact any other spell caster to help you so that you will not fall into the wrong hands. Contact Dr Odunga at to help you with your fertility, ex back, a love spell, a herbal medicinal cure or lottery winning numbers and you will get awesome results. I met this man through a testimony online and it has been a wonderful experience of a lifetime. I am very happy I did. He helped me get pregnant. I am Becky Elise but my friends call me Ann. I am from Florida, US. I have contacted 3 spell casters before I met Dr Odunga. I would have been through my pain for the past 5 years trying to find the right spell caster who can help me with my problem. I have been married to my husband for 18 years and I have not had one single issue. No woman on earth will be happy about this. I did all I could to hold a home until I started seeking help from spell casters. I had gone to various hospitals here in Florida and they said my womb cannot conceive a child. I have spent millions of dollars finding a solution until I met DR ODUNGA. I feel like shedding tears at this point. My problem is gone. I can bodily say my problem is gone for the past 18 years of marriage. If you are reading this testimony, you will share with me my Joy. Contact this spell caster at

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